Psychometric Assessments

Certified in providing developmental, scholastic, substance related, anxiety, depression, PTSD/Trauma, intelligence, disability, personality, and competency to proceed assessments. Contact our office to see which assessments may best suit you.



Have you tried medication for years and it is no longer working for you? Feeling listless, not enjoying your life, and finding little motivation makes a fulfilling life difficult. There are additional options available.



Is it becoming impossible to function from day to day? Does your anxiety keep you from sleeping, socializing, eating, or working? Let’s pinpoint what is causing anxiety, why it is causing anxiety, and how we can work through the anxiety to bring your life back to you.



Trauma may be impacting you more than you are aware. If you have experienced:

  • sexual abuse

  • childhood abuse

  • death of friends or family

  • combat

  • cancer treatment

  • life or death scenarios

You may not suffer from just a short temper or irritability. There may be more of an explanation for your anxiety and insomnia. There may be triggers that prevent new experiences, relationships, and intimacies. These triggers may also be preventing successful treatment.


Substance/Addiction Related

We operate from a dual-diagnosis standpoint. This means that we understand there is more to addiction than the use of a substance or other processes (i.e. sex, gambling, gaming, shopping). Often, there are underlying issues that addiction is used to numb, soothe, or self-medicate. By taking a dual-diagnosis approach, we treat more than the presenting substance or process addiction.



While medication management is important for bipolar, it also becomes important to be able to assess varying moods, potential red flags, and have a more readily accessible resource for day to day maintenance and support. Coping mechanisms can be developed to lessen varying moods, making life more comfortable.


Impulse Control

If you are interested in anger management or impulse control, our team has experience working with juveniles and adults that have been diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, conduct disorder, and antisocial personality disorder.


Personality Disorders

In television, we hear about personality disorders like narcissism or obsessive compulsive personality disorder. However, the television does not accurately show these personality traits or how disruptive they can be to the individual and their loved ones. With a desire for change, personality disorders do not have to dominate one’s life.


Intimacy Issues

It could be said that intimacy has never been more difficult. The nature of relationships is constantly changing. Differing viewpoints on infidelity accompanied by differing needs may create distance between you and your loved one. Sex is becoming less taboo, with this change, communication about sex and intimacy is a skill that needs to be taught as opposed to shamed.


Individual Counseling

If you know there is a problem but you are not sure what it is, we can help with that. If self-improvement is the goal, then individual counseling may be for you. We don’t question getting a personal trainer at the gym, why should we question utilizing mental health professionals to learn skill-sets we were never taught?